Casino G2E is always full of innovation

I’ve been told I can look forward to seeing more table games this year than in recent years. It remains to be seen. Table games seemed to be making a strong comeback when I recently read an article in a gaming publication that said some of the newer casinos on the East Coast are removing some of the slot machines to make more room for their table games. I think it’s good for the players.

This week, I’m going to give you a little preview of some of the games that will be displayed at the Scientific Games booth (aka Shuffle Master). I do real math analysis on all of these games, so I’m very familiar with them. In the coming weeks, I will review some of the games that I can see for the first time at the exhibition. Scientific Games will feature two variants of Blackjack. One of them was at last year’s event too. This is called U-Turn Blackjack.

I found this game very interesting in its concept visit the dewa poker . Using a specially designed shaker, the dealer takes out all the cards he will use before the player needs to act. With the exception of traditional cards, the remainder is dealt face down. The optical reader in the shuffler can detect the rank of each card and thus can determine the number of cards it takes the dealer to hit 17 or bust.

Knowing the number of cards the dealer has may not be of much benefit, but it is. Imagine that the dealer has the Face Cards up and then shows that he has two cards down. He might still have 20, but the probability had dropped considerably compared to just knowing he had 20.

In fact, if the dealer shows four cards or more, the player will never hit if that causes him to fail. That’s right, you will stand in the top 12 against 10.

Catch? The game uses the Push 22 rule where the player will only push if the Dealer fouls by 22. The net result is a game with a return of 99 to 99.6 percent depending on whether late submission is allowed or not.