The hustler casino applies several rules to its visitors

You may disagree with every aspect of this Code, but casinos have the right to set the rules within their premises. And, there are good reasons for each and all of these rules.

Yes, casinos are in the business of being profitable. In that case, it wants poker players to visit the casino – and keep coming back. The Code of Ethics certainly contributes to this goal.

Let’s check a few in agreement:

• Any activity that is deemed collusive, dishonest or otherwise fraudulent will not be tolerated. My comments: At a different casino a few years ago, my poker mentor George “The Engineer” Epstein was excited about what players could collect on his desk; and dealers involved visit dewapoker. George rose from the table, looked and spoke to the floorman. He says agree what he should observe and thinks he thinks it is collusion. Without hesitation and without asking George any further, the floorman denied counting them, and walked away. (PS George is no longer playing poker at that casino.)

• Not hanging around. I asked one of the staff the reasons for this rule. He explained: Casinos want their players to feel comfortable and safe. Loitering can raise suspicion.

• Hoodies are not permitted in the casino. Hoodies work for the protection of personal identity, sometimes making others feel insecure (because they are unusual in the poker tournaments that are accepted on TV).

• Be missed at the casino and within 20 meters of any entrance. Likewise, smoking e-cigarettes is not permitted in casinos. Players and staff are not allowed.

• There are no violent or opposing language or physical gestures towards visitors or staff. Presumably, this includes throwing cards at the dealer. In this case, the casino also asks all visitors to respect and respect others at all times.

• Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times in the casino. Clothing such as low-riding pants, tank tops or shirts without muscles. (Note: Casino security desks have a more complete list.)

• Cell phones and other electronic devices are permitted in the casino, but only English can be used when talking on a cell phone. The use of such devices should be monitored by staff (floor personnel, security and surveillance).

Not specified in the Code of Protective Conduct:

• While the hand is in progress, only English is spoken at the table. The cloth provided by each table. It reduces the amount of collusion.

PS I have to add to that I commend the security staff for its excellent performance. They not only maintain a play environment, but they are also polite and helpful to customers.