In order to win playing blackjack the player should separate

If the player’s two starting cards are of the same rank, for example, two Kings or Queens, he or she may choose to treat the cards as two separate hands when dealt in the following round. Here, the amount placed on the original bet is valid for one card, and the same or the same amount must be placed on the second card. This move greatly increases the chances of winning as the dealer treats each hand according to his ability.

Double Down

Another strategic option open to players is to double their bet when the two initial cards dealt add up to 9, 10 or 11. When the turn falls on them, they can add another bet equal to the original bet previously placed. In this case, the dealer will only issue one card to the player who is face down and it cannot be raised until all bets are settled at the end of the first match visit Senopatipoker. This is a huge advantage for the player because the dealer doesn’t enjoy the same privileges of splitting or doubling.


If the dealer’s face-to-face card is an ace, the player is allowed to make side bets as insurance which can amount to up to half of the initial bet placed. Here they are betting on the probability of the remaining dealer face up to be 10 or face cards thus equal to blackjack for the house to win. If this turns out to be true, any player who places an insurance bet will be paid immediately double the side bet. This proposition is only recommended to players only when they are absolutely sure that a large number of ten cards are still left un draw.

Victory Strategy

Finally, winning tactics in blackjack require that players play each hand optimally. Such a strategy will always take into account the dealer’s card value. If the dealer’s hand is relatively good for example a card 7,8,9,10 or an ace, the player must press and keep drawing until a maximum of 17 or more is reached. However, if the dealer’s up card is bad, for example 4.5 or 6, the player must stop drawing as soon as he or she reaches a total of 12 or more. The strategy employed here is to avoid risking getting into trouble. This may seem like a bad holding strategy but it works with the desire that the dealer will reach and hopefully land above 21.

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