LapakPoker – Swidler contributed up to 2.9 million to play heads-up with Chabra

A few minutes later, Swidler sent another player home. He rose from the small blind in A Heart Suit 5 Heart Suit and Kosei Ichinose three-bet with A Diamond Suit J Heart Suit from the big blind. Swidler four-bet and then call up Ichinose’s all-in. Falling planks 7 Club Suits6 Heart Suits2 Heart Suits10 Heart Suits2 Spade Suits and Swidler flattened the nuts to lock the pot and eliminated Ichinose in fourth place ($ 35,483).

Dzhabrailov’s Apti Pace at this event ended when his 5 Spade Suit 5 Club Suit failed to exceed A Spade Suit K Club Suit from Swidler. Dzhabrailov three-bet Swidler preflop and releases A Diamond Suit 10 Spade Suit 8 Club Flop Suit. Swidler had just called with his top pair and it was his turn to score a 9 Club Suit visit lapakpoker. Dzhabrailov and Swidler’s bets were raised. Dzhabrailov calls all-in and gets bad news. The 8th Heart Suit didn’t change anything and Dzhabrailov earned $ 48,296 as a third place finisher.

With Swidler contributing up to 2.9 million to play heads-up with Chabra, who sit out just shy of 5.5 million. Swidler could overtake the lead briefly, but Chabra regained control before the final hand was dealt. Swidler took the 2 Spades Suit 2 the Heart Suit on the button and raised it. Chabra three bets holding K Spades Suit Q Heart Suit. Swidler makes four bets to leave and Chabra is called.

The flop falls 10 Heart Suits 8 Club Suits 5 Spades Suits and Chabra checks on Swidler, who bets his little partner. The Chabra check-rise and Swidler three-bet all-in for a total of 531,994. Chabra called out with her overcards and immediately paired one of them with a Green Suit Q turn to take the lead. The 5 man Club Suit on the river secures the pot and title for Chabra. Swidler was awarded $ 65,737 as runner-up.



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