Phil Ivey may face Atlantic City pay claims

Phil Ivey may face Atlantic City payout claims – World Champion poker player Phil Ivey may face even stiffer payoff claims from Atlantic City’s Borgata, reports the poker site CardsChat.

Requested payments will amount to a total of approximately $ 15.5 million because the casino seeks “want” damage. Ivey and one friend conquered the casino from $ 9.8 million in 2012 using an “edge sorting” technique where they can use their power to find cards based on an irregular scheme on the back of the cards.

A New Jersey court a few weeks ago wanted to rule Ivey’s system against casino rules, but don’t be naughty. In the UK, a similar court judging another “sorting edge” issue describes Ivey as violating terms but not being naughty when he won nearly $ 10 million visit

CardsChat listed court records showing the doubles played 8618 hands during four sessions in 2012 at an average stake of $ 62,500 per hand. $ 5.4 million to represent the desired winnings of the casino if the common house advantage in Baccarat is applied.

Borgata is said to be seeking to return nearly $ 250,000 in compensation made to the double. Ivey’s attorney has 20 days to respond to a request for payment.

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