Poker88 – For poker players, pictures are everything

For poker players, images are everything – Whatever the poker game or the stakes, the image of a player is very important – be it your own image (how your opponents perceive the nature of your play) or their image in your mind (how your opponent plays their hand). And that can change over time.

With eight opponents at your disposal, it will be hard to remember. To make it easier, it’s a good idea to take notes – even though very few players do. (Too lazy? Too embarrassed? Never thought of it?) I used a 4 × 6 inch piece of paper, folded in half and tucked into my pocket. Some of the players have noticed because I mention them a lot. And that could be part of my image to visit the Poker88 online gambling site.

More importantly, all poker players have traits related to their style of play. It leads to images his opponent can use when playing in the hand against him. Tight players won’t invest in mediocre or worse starting hands. With a tight player image in mind, every time such a player opens a bet or raises, you can be sure he has a very strong hand. Watch Out. Consider sweeping your hands.

On the other hand, freelance players will not have to see the flop with multiple hands. With that drawing, skilled players will play more against them – call or bet for value – or even raise with a strong hand.

Passive players just go along, calling most of the bets. A skilled player knows that he need not fear a raise from him, and is therefore more likely to open the stakes and raise against him.

How about your own image? So far we’ve covered the best way to play your hand based on your perception of your opponent’s image. But, just as you develop the image of each opponent, they also have your image based on how you play the hand. It can keep you from getting good actions when you have strong hands; so you can’t make a big pot. Winning one large pot is equivalent to taking three or more small pots.

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