Rest assured us that you don’t just want a fair hand of poker

How often have you wished for ourselves: “If only I could have a fair side!” It is the amount of a thing due to what a person receives. Same treatment. That’s fair.

Let us check this in theory: In playing poker, you want to get a “fair hand” of the winning hand. When we explain that, we mean the number of winning hands as well as the number of chips in each. Do you believe that’s what you really want? Suppose you play limited hold’em at your favorite casino. If a magic genie could pass your will, would that make you happy? Will that make you a champion at the poker table?

The answer to both of these questions is no! You and do not break even visit goldencrownpoker. As well, you will be home losers – getting poorer by the relevant amount, for the problem of evidence. And the longer you play, the more you will lose. Suppose you play limit hold’em for six hours. In that case, getting a “fair hand” of the winning hand – assuming each pot, on average, contains the same number of chips – will cost you around $ 150 in loss.

That’s right – $ 150 is less in your pocket than when you got to the casino. For example, there are 9 people at the table. During the six-hour session, 210 hands were played (average 35 hands / hour).

You don’t play for free at the casino. There are fees that are very real – as well as relevant guaranteed by some players. For each hand, there’s a rake (say $ 5) as well as a drop for the Bad-Beat Jackpot ($ 1), plus a guide ($ 1 – the more if you’re generous) for the dealer. That increases to $ 7 x 35 hands / hour, or $ 245 / hour. With nine players at the table, play fees averaged $ 27 / hour. Please round it up to $ 25 / hour. That costs to play every hour. Play for six hours and your fare for this session is 6 x $ 25 = $ 150!



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