the elimination round continued and there was a very interesting match

Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS 2020 South American main event champion Pablo Silva loses the toss of a coin with J Diamond Suits J Club Suits versus A Heart SuitsQ Spades Suits from Jakovljevic Pudla. The overcards ended with two pairs on the riverbank and Silva crashed out in fifth place, earning $ 71,742 for his final shot. Brazilian players have become one of the hottest players in the tournament world this year, winning the previously mentioned major event in South America and also dropping the online version of Poker Open for € 462,100.

The event was postponed for a week due to a “critical bug” that caused malfunction of the online poker software from host site GGPoker. As the match resumed on Sunday, July 26th, 3,684 players left to visit trusted BAMBUQQ. The top 3,039 winners made money in this event, with a minimum payout of $ 282.It took about ten hours to narrow the sea of ​​cashed players to the final table of nine.

Jakovljevic Pudla continued the elimination feast by beating Petrone in fourth place ($ 100,644) to take a sizable lead in three-handed action. Ronit ‘Songjoy’ Chamani grabbed his first knockout at the final table when his J Spade Suit J Klubber Suit held against 10 Spade Suits 10 Heart SuitsDejan ‘bobkovic’ Kaladjurdjevic (3rd place – $ 141,189).

With that Chamani took a sizable lead to play heads-up with Jakovljevic Pudla. The two fought for a while, but Jakovljevic Pudla took the lead by winning a preflop battle with A-2 against KQ Chamani.

In the end Chamani got his final chip by pushing off the button with the 6 Spade Suit 5 the Spade Suit. Jakovljevic Pudla calls from the big blind with A Club Suits 5 Club Suits and the board is out of 10 Club Suits9 Heart Suits3 Diamond Suits2 Diamond Suits7 Club Suits. Jakovljevic Pudla’s high ace was enough to secure the pot and title, while Chamani earned $ 198,067 as a runner-up finisher.












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